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Mental HEALTH, not Mental Illness

Posted on September 11 2012

First and foremost, I am not mentally ill; I choose to monitor my mental HEALTH. (Just my effort to assist in erasing the stigma accompanies such conditions,)My family history displays bi-polar on my father’s side and depression plus anxiety on my mother’s side. I have lost 4 members of my family to suicide: my mother, grandmother, great-aunt (twin sister to my grams) and most recently, my brother.I choose to fight. I choose to view my situation as any other medical condition that would be treated such as high blood pressure. I have been standing up and living a productive life. I have 2 nephews who choose to fight and a niece who not only stands up, but Erasing the stigma of mental illness is her platform for her pagaents.Together, we are all brave. We all fight. We all encourage others to seek help. To others I say be brave, be smart, get any help you need. You are not alone!


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