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Memory of Nana my Mom

Posted on January 14 2016

My Mom, Nana to her family especially grand children. She was friend/Mom and everything in between. She's my guardian angel now. We still talk daily. I miss her so much. She didn't meet her great grand sons but she would be so proud. My Mom was proud of everyone at any level. She saw good in everyone. She taught me to love. My Mom became very sick for 2 years. When her cancer was discovered she didn't live long but never complained and as long as she could talk she was smiling and telling everyone she loved them. She died on 9/11 as we could hear bugles and marching for heroes of 9/11 disaster. My husband stated God just received another hero and beautiful angel. She was diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma something you didn't see much in this country without being diagnosed much earlier in the stages.

5 years later I am still healing from grieving in a way I didn't know possible. She is with me daily and I can feel her every day. She was so brave and up to her time to meet Jesus she wanted to take care of everyone else.

Love you Mom
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