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Posted on December 12 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? I'm nominating my husband Chad. Chad is the bravest person I know. He was diagnosed with Melanoma right after the passing (Melanoma) of his mother and before the diagnoses/passing (esophagus cancer) of his father . We had just lost our home in Chalmette, Louisiana to Hurricane Katrina. We struggled in the beginning with no jobs/home but we made it thanks to family & friends. Chad was our rock. Not just for me but for our entire family. Our daughter was almost 2 years old & our son was 12 when he started chemo treatments. Chad received chemo for a complete year. Chad never once complained about the discomfort he was in. Lord knows Chad was in pain. During chemo treatments Chad would have only about 20mins after to drive himself home because side affects. His fever/aches began from the chemo almost immediately. Yet once again he never complained. I do remember him asking me to cover him with blankets because his fever would spike so high that he shivered. Never complained not once. He even took us to Disney World during the end of his chemo treatments. He gave himself chemo injections every other day at this point. He sacrificed & showed bravery for his family. So our family could have a special vacation with my parents. Many surgeries have taken place since then. Too many to remember an exact number. This Dec 17th would of been 5 years in remission. A recent diagnoses took him out of remission. Chad was diagnosed with several spots on his lung in October of this year. We traveled to MD Anderson to get another opinion. Came back home to wait patiently for about 9 weeks. During these nine weeks Chad had several moles removed to be tested for Melanoma. Another Melanoma came back on his Great toe. Surgeon told us his best chance was to amputate the whole toe. Thought this would be a big decision for Chad. It was not! "Take the toe" Chad said. Small price. BRAVE. Never questioned why nor why the whole toe. I love this man with my whole heart. Since then he has had issues with pain and swelling on the same side the toe was amputated on. His whole right leg has had issues since the surgery. 'Im very hopeful that his leg issues will eventually go away but if it does not I know Chad is ok with what God has given him to deal with. Chad's CT scan from last week showed no increase in size on the spots on the lung. Great news! His CT scan did pick up several other spots but Dr. feels that he will be okay. We meet with oncologist on Monday. My husband is one BRAVE husband & father. I hope if I ever come across a situation where I am fearful I hope I can be as strong and as Brave as him. I love you Chad!


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