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Posted on July 18 2015

I first came across these bracelets from a Facebook post. I didn't know what cause I would like to support. I happen to look down at my wrist, which I wear a baby blue bracelet in honor of our precious Mason. Mason is the son of Ron and Kate. Kate was one of my mothers cheerleaders in high school. Mason was born on July 13th, 2011 and died January 26th, 2012 of SIDS. Even though Mason was only on Earth for such a short time the impact he has had on our community is astonishing. His parents have set up a basketball tournament for our community in honor of their son Mason and they also set up a benevolence fund for a deserving student-athlete in our area to attend an elite basketball training facility.
The impact Mason and his family have on our community is incredible. I recently bought Kate a SIDS bravelet for her birthday. We were at a birthday party for my father days before Mason's birthday (7/13) and when his mother came up to hug me, I saw the time, it read 7:13, Mason's birthday, I turned Kate around and showed her the time and told her that he was always with her. There isn't a day I don't think about Mason and see the great things that have come in honor of Mason. Even though his precious smile isn't gracing us daily here on Earth, he is ALWAYS with us.
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