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Makenzi's headstone

Posted on November 23 2015

Makenzi's headstone
This is my daughter Makenzi she was born on October 22nd with her twin sister Malaila they were born to early at 29 weeks and for a unknown reason baby Makenzi's kidney's did not fully develop correctly and she was to tiny for the doctors to do anything to help her.We were very lucky that we had four days to get to know our angel to love her and give her all the attention we could so she would always know her mommy and daddy loved her with all their heart and that she was very special and would always be in our hearts.hearts. Makenzi passed away on October 26th and we laid her to rest on October 30th.she is now her sisters guardian angel and watches over her.When we buried our daughter we could not afford to get her a headstone that she so deserved and the cemetery gave us 90 days to pay have one made and placed or she would be in a unmarked grave.That broke our hearts.So we came to Bravelets to tell our story in hopes it may help others..
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