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Maggie the Monkey

Posted on March 21 2015

Maggie the Monkey
This is Maggie, she's from a little town in Massachusetts and she's known by almost everyone in town. She has a rare disease called Mitochondrial Disease, the actual name for her diagnosis is Oxidative Phosphorylation Defect in Complex 1,2, and 3. Maggie had undergone minorly invasive surgery to have a G-Tube put into her stomach of January 2001. She was given the diagnosis on August 1, 2001. She was born on August 14, 1999. So in that short span of time a lot of news was dumped on her and her family. Maggie cannot speak, although she can walk, eat by mouth, use sign language that was specially tailored to her, and communicate in her own way. Maggie is a strong and very spirited teen now. Although Maggie cannot do everything a normal teen can do, she's strong and brave and she has a large support system behind her. Maggie has her mother and father (Claud and Jeff) and an older sister (Sammi) as her main support group. Maggie had progressed SO much in the last few years that she's going to be enrolled into the high school into their special education program next year. And we have Maggie's current school teachers to thank for that. Maggie is a fairly independent young girl who has come a long way for the past 16 years, and she's going to go a lot farther.


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