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Lost Leg not Heart

Posted on January 07 2016

Lost Leg not Heart
In September we discovered that my daughter, Melissa, was suffering from a blood clotting disorder that is causing her body to produce blood clots at an alarming rate. This caused severe nerve and blood vessel damage to her right foot. September 10th Her Dr had to perform emergency surgery to try to unblock several arteries in her right leg. However during surgery they ended up choosing to perform a by-pass of those arteries instead. After a couple hours it became evident that the by-pass graft did not take. So unfortunately they had to do surgery, not just once, but twice! We are gravely concerned that she may never regain the use of her foot and/or(God Forbid) actually lose her foot all together. Her husband, Scott, is the only source of income for their family of 12. With Melissa laid up in the hospital, he had to take time off work to care for their children. This, of course, has put a great strain on the home finances, as well as the family overall. With everything so overwhelming right now, and the future prognosis of Melissa's medical condition being unknown, this young woman, her husband and their amazing family would truly benefit from some hope!! Update: Unfortunately Doctors were unable to save Melissa's foot and October 7th, she had to have an above knee amputation. The family is hopeful that with a prosthetic Melissa will regain her independence once again however due to the high cost of the prosthesis and ongoing medical bills, the family is unsure if this dream will come true. Please, if you would, bless this family by purchasing a "Bravelet" bracelet. Proceeds will go towards helping this family. Thank you!


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