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Liz's Unexpected Journey

Posted on January 15 2015

Liz's Unexpected Journey
In January 2014, we put our daughter on an airplane for a semester abroad in Denmark. Within two hours after landing, she experienced a seizure. Over the next two days, with our 21-year-old daughter across the ocean, we waited to see what the doctors determined caused her seizure. When she was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of an egg in her left temporal lobe, my husband and I flew to Denmark to bring her home.

A month later, on Valentine's Day, Liz had an awake craniotomy and over the next six months, she recovered at home. Fortunately, she was able to take a few online courses, and her professors have been remarkable. She returned to school this fall, and she has learned how to navigate this new normal. We are excited that she will graduate in May.

More importantly, our family has realized that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. It means sometimes being scared to death, but knowing you have no choice but to face those fears head on. It also means trying things again that you didn't think would be possible, and it is about learning how to live with the fear of the unknown. Our daughter is one of the most brave people we know, and she inspires others.

On her sixth month anniversary of her surgery, she got a sailboat tattoo. It serves as a constant reminder of her favorite quote: "We may not be able to change the wind, but we can adjust our sails."
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