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Living with the MonSter

Posted on April 02 2013

” THE MonSter”
My story is no more interesting than any other person suffering the MonSter;(Multiple Sclerosis).My story begins in 2005 when my husband of 18 yrs. was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer,then 2 months later myself with Multiple Sclerosis.Yes ,a year I will never forget.I had symptoms OF MS for years. I believe the doctors; “neurologists” claimed I just had ” pinched nerves”, “or you slept wrong.”or without saying, but I knew they were thinking, “hypochondriac”. But one particular day those diagnosis were proved wrong.Oh, and by the way one test was never done to rule out MS.I attempted to get out of bed for my usual bathroom visit.I was able to get my legs ove the edge of the bed, then BOOM! I hit the floor, knowing I was going to get down those 22 stairs to pee, but not knowing how.I prayed then began my journey across the bedroom floor.I used my arms to push myself across the floor to the stairs.Arms,buttocks, arms, buttocks. you got the picture. I was totally paralyzed from the waste down.I now prayed that I could manuver my way down the stairs without falling.(I have fell down those stairs twice)Slowly working my way down the stairs I was beginning to feel pain in my arms.slowly i accomplished the stairs the same way I made it across the bedroom.Now I must try to stand,praying for the feeling to come back.I grabbed hold of the stairpost and gingerly pulled myself upright.I was able to stand! Thank you God. My legs were weak & unsteady but working. So holding on to everything insight I traveled two more rooms to the bathroom.Sucess, you’d thought I just ran a marathon I was so happy.Then realitiy hit me,something is very wrong. I called a new Nuerologist in town and they gave me an appt. the next day.I was home alone most of the time as my husband was an OTR Truckdriver,I was so happy to find a Nuero. that listened and immeditaley started tests in his office. Dr. Dey also scheduled me for an MRI,then bloodwork and finally a spinal tap.I felt no pain in my back from the spinal tap, just very bad spasms in my thighs from the position I was in for the tap.He said he had to stick me 4 times.Well all the tests confirmed Dr. Dey’s suspicion, Multiple Sclerosis.I received the diagnosis one week before my 55th birthday.I was relieved (sounds crazy), but after being told “nothing “is wrong you think you are crazy.I said “was” relieved,after living with my diagnosis for 6 years now;the word I would use is “Frustration” Sincerly, Pamela -Valentine Rhodes
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