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lil M

Posted on August 29 2014

All my life, I suffered from symptons, such as seizure activity, my senses would become extreme, and I was slow, in my movements..always the last of the pack and keeping everyone waiting for me~
my mother died about 9 1/2 years ago...ealier in the following summer, I recieved a box..stuff of when I was a baby and in nursury school. Then I found medical papers which told of how I was seen for skull fractures, when I was 2 months old~ then I was seen for an infection, which turned into brain cancer and lost an eye, when I was 2 years old..she never told me!
I had been floundering for about 45 years~ going to one doc after another..some liked thinking outside the box..some dismissing me or even screaming at me..
the answer..
forgivness!! and altho there are bad days...I'm so thankful to be alive!! and I'm going to order a bracelet as soon as I decide which one to pick one~
try to enjoy your time..bull thru those not-so-great-forever-moments ..and understand when you just need to rest and let go~
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