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Life's Journey

Posted on July 02 2015

Life's Journey started for me one month after I got married (for the first time) in September of 2011. I was 55 before I found my husband and am truly blessed to have him by my side. During a long overdue colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage 4. Started chemo and radiation immediately to shrink the tumor with surgery following in March of 2012. Surgery was performed and my tumor was removed, unfortunately my life changed again at that moment. Due to where my tumor was, I now have a colostomy bag. Once I realized what was happening I took my news with great stride. I believe that God was with me and I knew that I could overcome this new life with God's guidance, my family support and lots of prayers. The recovery was long but was a success after 8 months. A lot happened after that, my father-in-law passed away from Prostate Cancer which was very hard on my new family. The next year was still hard from grieving and then in December of 2013, I was diagnosed again with cancer that had metastasized in my liver. The good news though was that it was contained in one spot. Went thru extensive chemo before surgery, lost all my hair and was sick quite a bit. My surgery which was six months later was a success. Eventually my hair came back and as of today 7-2-15 I am cancer free. Praise God. My husband was very supportive and stood by me during all of this and we know we can get thru anything which we were tested again with him being diagnosed with cancer this past February. He had a carcinoid tumor, which was removed and all tests show that he is cancer free also at this time. We both will need scans and blood work every 4-5 months for the next five years. We take this with confidence that thru God, prayers, our support from family and friends, we will get thru our New Journey in Life. So if there is one thing I can say to others "Is to stay Positive, Believe and Trust in God. I will wear my " Be Brave" bravelet proudly as a Two Time Cancer Survivor.


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