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Life with ALS/PLS

Posted on April 08 2015

Life with ALS/PLS
Fortunately for my wife, Carroll and I, we were referred by my local general neurologist to the MDA/ALS Center of Hope Clinic at DUCOM in Philadelphia, PA. This was August of 2010 after many months of trying to make sense of the swallowing, coughing and speaking issues I was experiencing.
There I met and was examined by Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson. Dr. Heiman-Patterson gave us an explanation of ALS and PLS and how difficult a diagnosis it can be. Here is where I got my first exposure to how important Hope is to have in order to face the many challenges in front of us. Not just for me but for my primary caregiver, my wife Carroll, and other caregivers Dr Heiman-Patterson lets PALS and their families know the Team is here for all our needs. Their care Team is second to none!
HOPE consists in many forms for me, but most important, it is from the dedicated work of scientists, researchers to finding ALS/MND cures and the compassionate care of medical, clinical, caregivers, fund raisers & supporters and strangers, that I get my strength and inspiration from. They are dedicated professionals that help settle your fears and provide coping methods, solutions and guidance in managing the ever changing daily living needs of PALS & CALS.
Blessings have followed me throughout my life and the MDA/ALS Center of Hope Clinic is definitely a blessing for me and my family.

ThankYou for Your Support, Dick Dayton & Family.
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