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Life Time Student

Posted on March 24 2017

Life Time Student
Before and After by Valerie Cheers Brown
March 1953 -- My mommy is having morning sickness! Today my life began and I was conceived. My parents do not know it yet, I am as small as a seed of an apple, but it is I already. And I am to be a girl. I shall have brown hair and brown eyes. Just about everything is settled though, even the fact that my favorite flower will be the gladiola. The doctor x-rayed my mom to see if I was really there!
April 1953-- Some say that I am not a real person yet, that only my mother exists. But I am a real person, just as a small crumb of bread is yet truly bread. My mother is really sick and throwing up all over the place. And I am. Again, the doctor x-rayed my mommy's tummy to make sure I was okay! They told her to eat something salty to keep her from getting sick.
May 1953- My mouth is just beginning to open now. Just think, in a year or so I shall be laughing and later talking and even able to suck my mother's breast as she feeds me. I know what my first word will be: MAMA. Today the doctor x-rayed my mommy and also gave her medication to take while carrying me. This medication is supposed to help my mommy while she is carrying me not to be sick!
June 1953 -- My heart began to beat today all by itself. From now on it shall gently beat for the rest of my life without ever stopping to rest! The doctors x-rayed my mommy gain today! The medication they gave my mommy has me frustrated and I begin kicking like crazy!
July 1953 -- Every day my arms and legs are beginning to take shape. But I have to wait a long time yet before those little legs will raise me to my mother's arms, before these little arms will be able to gather flowers and embrace my father. I am kicking so much now and my mommy told the doctors I was making her sick! The doctors x-rayed my mommy again today and gave her more medication!
August 1953 -- My tiny fingers are beginning to form on my hands. Funny how small They are! I'll be able to stroke my mother's hair with them. The estrogen they gave my mommy to take while I was in her stomach is making me kick even more and mommy is even more sick!
September 1953 -- It wasn't until today that the doctor told mom that I am living here under her heart. Oh, how happy she must be! Are you happy, mom? But, mommy is sick all the time and the doctors again x-rayed my mommy and gave her more medication!
October 1953 -- My mom and dad are probably thinking about a name for me. But they don't even know that I am a little girl. I want to be called anything but Valerie. I am getting so big already and kicking up a storm. The doctors do not know that the medication they gave to my mommy was passed onto me and I wasn't even born yet!
November 9, 1953-- Today was the big day and I was born! Mommy was in labor 12 hours delivering me and she was is in a lot of pain while having me, but she was so happy today was the day for me to come into the world! I caused my mommy so much pain but when she finally had me at about 7:31am on this great day she and daddy were so happy! My mommy had to have these shots because I had the same blood type as she did.
November 10, 1953 -- I am just about able to see. It is dark around me. When mom brought me into the world it was really hard to see but I could hear very good and knew who my mommy was!
November 11, 1953 -- I wonder if mom hears the whispering of my heart? Some children come into the world a little sick. But my heart is strong and healthy. It beats so evenly: tup-tup, tup-tup. You'll have a healthy little daughter with ten fingers, ten toes but little did they know from the doctors giving my mommy so many x-rays while carrying me I would have nerve pain for the rest of my life because I was born with a degenerative disease!
November 12, 1953 -- Nobody cares that the doctors gave my mommy x-rays when they should not have while she was pregnant with me! Now, for the rest of my life, I will have to learn how to manage pain thanks to the doctor's medical errors of giving my mommy estrogen and x-raying her which was passed onto me the unborn fetus which was not supposed to have been done at all!
Moral: According to the FDA, Food Drug Administration: There is logical difference about whether the little measures of radiation utilized as a part of demonstrative radiology can really hurt the unborn youngster, yet it is realized that the unborn kid is exceptionally touchy to the impacts of things like radiation, certain medications, abundance liquor, and contamination. This is valid, to a limited extent, in light of the fact that the cells are quickly isolating and developing into specific cells and tissues. On the off chance that radiation or different operators were to bring about changes in these phones, there could be a marginally expanded shot of birth deformities or certain ailments, for example, leukemia, sometime down the road.
It ought to be called attention to, nonetheless, that the greater part of birth deformities and adolescence illnesses happen regardless of the possibility that the mother is not presented to any known hurtful specialist amid pregnancy. Researchers and scientists trust that heredity and irregular blunders in the formative procedure are in charge of a large portion of these issues. I don't think scientists and many researchers know what they are talking about and it is not heredity but due to their mistakes!
I am blessed but I have to suffer for the rest of my life due to medical mistakes by doctors and what they did to my mommy and myself!
It is time to end childhood disease, illnesses, etc. and the medical and pharmaceutical industry should love human life and not money!
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