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Life is a Journey

Posted on April 22 2016

Life is a Journey
I am a 24 year old woman who was diagnosed with an Arnold Chiari Malformation when I was a child. I did not have any symptoms until February of 2016 when I hit my head and then started experiencing vertigo and crippling headaches . After multiple tests and exerting all efforts to find a cure, the only option was brain surgery. This surgery removed a piece of my occipital bone (a bone in the back portion of my skull) and the addition of a patch into the dura of my brain to restore the normal flow of cerebral spinal fluid to my head . I am a nurse and do my best each day to care for my patients, but since the onset of my Chiari symptoms, I have been unable to work and the medical bills are adding up. The surgery was April 12th , 2016 and I have a long road ahead to recovery. These bracelets will not only show support to those with Arnold Chiari Malformation, but $10 of each bracelet will go to help pay for medical bills towards my care.
To be honest , I just want to get back to my normal self. I love to ski and go to the gym. I miss walking my dog presto (cutest dog in the world) and I miss my job. I miss taking care of my patients and it definitely feels strange being on the other side of the spectrum.


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