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Let's Bring Aliza Home!

Posted on January 29 2016

Let's Bring Aliza Home!
Btw... For those of you who have been here before and for those who are new here, our newest little one from China, we had given her the name Emma, but due to the overwhelming popularity of the name Emma, we choose a new name, Aliza.
So if you happen to notice the name Emma, please just know I missed editing her name. :-)

Thank you for stopping by The Gehrung Family's Adoption fundraising page. We invite you to read our story and if you feel inspired to, we ask for your prayers, good thoughts and financial support to bring home Aliza, our 2nd adopted daughter China.

Brian and Nancy Gehrung met 11 years ago. Nancy was a divorced single mom raising two kids and Brian was a bachelor living in a neat and tidy home with his dog Abby. A dear friend of both of theirs introduced them. Nancy is a down to earth, spontaneous free spirit, Brian is quiet, caring and hard working. They're quite the opposite pair but their friend's matchmaking was spot on. They were married October 8, 2008. Brian is an amazing husband a wonderful father to both of Nancy's biological kids, Collin and Shannon.

Several years after they were married, Nancy and Brian started thinking about growing their family. Because Nancy has several health conditions, their thoughts turned toward adoption. Soon, Nancy learned about a little girl living in a Social Welfare Institute in Hengyang China. Once they saw her picture, they knew she was their daughter. Brian and Nancy brought Ava home in June of 2011. These last 4 years with Ava have been an amazing adventure. So many ups, a few downs, quite a bit of worries and stress due to Ava's medical issues (that's another long story...) but still, it's been amazing.

About 9 months ago, once Ava was completely well, they began to see Ava truly blossom and around the same time, Nancy and Brian started feeling that familiar tug at their hearts. They started talking about adopting a little brother or sister for Ava. In August of 2015 the family had the chance to visit with 4 wonderful people who helped care for Ava in China. Nancy happened to mention that they were thinking about adopting again. When one of their friends heard this, she smiled...and told Brian and Nancy that a little girl with Achondroplasia Dwarfism had recently arrived at the SWI in Hengyang. Brian and Nancy and their 3 kids all have Achondroplasia Dwarfism, just like the families on "The Little Couple " and "Little People Big World". And that is the beginning of Aliza's story.

Adoption is amazing and life changing for both the child and the family. But the financial burden adoption can create for a family can be overwhelming. The total cost of an international adoption can average $35,000. The support we receive will help us as we navigate this process: stacks of paperwork, our homestudy, building our dossier, agency fees, travel expenses and in China expenses. Any amount of support will help and each donation will bring us closer to our Aliza

Again, thank you for visiting our fundraiser and reading our story. We sincerely appreciate any support, prayers and positive thoughts you can offer. Any support, big or small helps.

Please check out our blog for updates on Aliza's story:
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