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Posted on September 10 2014

I wrote this shortly after having a 1cm Anaplastic Astrocytoma grade 3 tumor removed in January 2014. My husband & our 2 boys would write the word BRAVE with a Sharpie on my hand everyday. I have since had the word BRAVE tattooed on my wrist. I hope this encourages others to be BRAVE everyday!

5 Things About My Daily BRAVE Inspiration.

1) BRAVE reminds me to find the courage to face my fear of this journey God has chosen for not only me but my family & friends. I trust in Him to lead my way.

2) Mark or our boys write the word BRAVE as my daily reminder. At this point, color is insignificant...just what ever makes us feel positive that day.

3) It's always written on my left hand to symbolize that without the slight loss of dexterity in my left fingers it may have taken much longer for my brain tumor to be found & removed.

4) Between my Radiation treatment & Chemo pills, I never dreamed the mental & physical fatigue would slow me down this much. And quite honestly it's been a HUGE adjustment for me to stop, be BRAVE & just take a moment for myself when need be. I'm ALWAYS on the go!

5) Being BRAVE has always been a part of who I am. So what better way to power-up what I already know is inside of me.
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