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Kurstin's Fight

Posted on October 23 2013

Kurstin's Fight
Kurstin's journey starts when she was just 7 weeks old when she was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis. At this time we also found out she had

four holes in her heart, one VSD and 3 ASD. At 8 months old Kurstin started having seizures. This is when our simple lives changed forever.

By the time Kurstin was 1 the seizures had gotten so bad they caused her to lock her jaw so forcefully she broke her f...ront teeth and had to go

through dental surgery. It has been downward spiral ever since.

She has gone through a spinal tap, MRI's, tests, blood work, and more tests to find out what was causing the seizures only to find out that our

1 year old Princess is sick. Kurstin was diagnosed at this time with Epilepsy.

To this date the doctors have yet to be able to figure out where the seizures are coming from or what is causing them. So, she has been

diagnosed with Generalized Clonic Tonic Grand Mal Seizures. The medication isn't working so, they are trying to find a way to at least minimize

these NASTY seizures.

Kurstin's seizures have gone from every few months, to every month, to one a week, to Daily. The seizures are getting worse and it is very

scary for us all. So, this is why we are asking for Prayer Warriors to help lift us up to find either a cure to heal her. Thanks in advance for

everything you all may do for Kurstin and my family as this journey continues to unfold.
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