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Posted on March 17 2017

One morning I woke up just being me and all that I am knowing that the wait would be over that afternoon and I would find out what turn my life was going to take. It was January 20, 2016. A flood of emotions soon slowly started to engulf my body until I broke down and couldn't stand the wait anymore and the clock was ticking loudly in my head counting the seconds till 2:30. Then the words I didn't want to is Cancer. First, the numbness overtook my body then the dynamite in a small package came out in me like the tough girl I am and fighter I am... It is going to be ok! We've got this! We are going to pray harder than ever and kick this evil thing! Yes, it's Breast Cancer. No, it's not my fault. What I do know...It's HER2+, fast growing, triple positive and hormone related. Then I was drawn a map of the next year of my life with the game plan to beat this! Everything was laid out right there before me down to the specially designed "cocktail" my body would get to start healing me. The process mapped out... (1) Surgery for Port Placement (2) Chemo plus "smart drugs" to shrink tumor (3) Surgery to remove tumor (4) Radiation (5) Hormone pills Somewhere in the mix of that will be reconstructive surgery. This is in God's hands! Please continue to pray that everything is going to be ok! Pray the cancer has not spread! Then two long weeks later after more tests and scans, I sat in a room on February 3, 2016 waiting to begin my first round of chemo when I hear...the cancer has spread to your liver and bones in your back. It's stage 4 metastatic breast cancer!! I was in shock and all I can remember from that appointment was my doctor telling me that while there is no cure for my cancer we are going to fight it and kill cancer cells so that I can live as long as we keep me healthy and keep the cancer away and from spreading. I didn't want to know anymore at that time. All I wanted to do was have the chemo drugs start going into my body and kill cancer cells. Since that day the chemo did kill the cancer and shrink the tumors, I have had a single mastectomy, tissue expander placed then removed, radiation twice, cancer stayed away and then came back in my liver and my bones and now my tailbone. I am now in my 3rd line of chemo treatments and I refuse to give up my fight or hope! We will get through this through prayers, staying strong and positive thoughts and as a team! A team of prayer warriors, a team of family and friends, as a team of doctors!
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  • Laurie Ellis: February 12, 2018

    Stay strong! I have matastatic (sp?) breast cancer. I originally have breast cancer, fast growing. I had a double mastectoy. Only to go through all the treatments then think I am cancer free, only to find out about a month ago its back, untreatable. In my bones, lymph node and spot on lung. Im not giving up!! This disease has picked the wrong person. Stay strong my friend!! We will beat this!!