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Kids are forced to be tough ...

Posted on October 28 2014

Kids are forced to be tough ...
... in a family with alcoholism. This family disease can be so devastating as it was for me when I did things kids in sober families would never know. I ran outside in my pajamas one night yelling at my Dad's friend "Get out and leave my Dad alone." I never knew it was a disease. I just wanted my Dad to be home with us like other Dads. He died at age 58.

I joined Al-anon in my 20's before I had my own children and coaxed my Mom and siblings to go. I had to go alone. Mom did learn eventually about the disease but my siblings would not join me. It was lonely, even after getting married. My husband would not go to counseling.

I felt my problems were my fault and nobody understood! I have daughters and grandchildren now and it is still hard to share the hurt but have learned to change many things in my life even if others don't want to hear. I have a close family and blessed we have always been close. There are many families affected by this or other dysfunctions and addictions and have broken apart. My husband's family split apart from relatives and his only brother has nothing to do with us. We don't even know where he is! He is so alone.

All I know is we need to keep up the work to make our own lives better. We can't change others but we can keep loving them!


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