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Julia's Grace Foundation

Posted on February 06 2016

Julia's Grace Foundation
It all started with Julia; a little girl with big blue eyes that sparkled with each smile, an infectious giggle that made you laugh along with her, and an enthusiasm and outlook for life that was contagious.

It all started with Julia. A little girl with unbounded optimism who was not afraid to sing out loud because she knew the sun would come out tomorrow.

Julia had the ability to give hugs that would make a friend feel appreciated and a stranger feel loved.

Julia had a generous spirit. She not only cared about others, she took action; giving away her presents to other children with cancer and raising money to help doctors that were working to find a cure.

It started with Julia; an eight year old who loved life and taught us all how to live.

Julia's Grace Foundation continues Julia's work of bring "happiness, hope and hugs" to children with cancer and their families.
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