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Journey To Wellness

Posted on July 20 2015

Journey To Wellness
In 1998 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type IV. I was not yet 50. I had gone undiagnosed since my teens since mental illness were not talked about in my family, although 4 immediate family members had had one form or another. Two of the four had committed suicide. They couldn't get my bipolar disorder under control. For many years I took 13 different medications for it. Then I switched psychiatrists. He start weaning me off some of the most organ damaging medications and added vitamins. I started to feel more myself. I now take only four! I'm currently writing a poetic memoir on what it means to be bipolar. It's called from "The Inside Out: A Journey With Bipolar Disorder. My hope is it will validate others with this disorder and also serve to help others to understand what it's like to be bipolar. Today I can see hope that my disorder is under control.


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