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Jamey's Story

Posted on April 17 2015

Jamey's Story
Jamey was 15 when he first became sick. It was in the middle of the school year, football was over, he was slacking, I really didn't think much of it. The first ER visit was just to get a doctors excuse for school. But then, despite being told it was a virus, he wasn't getting better. We were in between pediatricians because theres had retired, I was waiting for their physicals to completely switch them over, so back to the ER we went. At the last one, my husband didn't care for his treatment and the same day we headed to Children's of Pittsburgh. We left there with a diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease and a referral to GI.

Today it's been over three years. He has had his gallbladder removed, developed CRPS from that surgery, has had several procedures due to the CRPS and the chronic Daily Headaches he developed. We found out that he did not have Fatty Liver, it was actually more progressed at that time already to NASH with severe fibrosis. In February of this year, 2015, it progressed to early cirrhosis. Thats only touching the tip of the iceberg with the nightmare his life has been the past three years.

Jamey's dream is to go to college and become a special education teacher. He wants to specialize with children with autism. First though, he needs to graduate high school. He's in a credit recovery program in school right now, but the pain and new symptoms of liver disease are keeping him home, in bed mostly. The doctors are having a hard time finding a pain plan that won't further damage his liver. If things don't change soon, we will be looking at transplant with in the next few years.
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