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Is My HERO… dad :)

Posted on January 13 2015

My dad will be 90 in May. Almost 4 yrs ago he had a stroke which brought on the dementia.
I wish I could have brought him home to care for him but since I work full time it was too much for me to do alone.
I found a nursing home less than 3 miles from my home which was between my home and the school I work at. It seemed to be the best option.
Last year (2014) a brand new Memory Assistance Facility was built very close to the nursing home so when they opened I moved my dad there, It has been a blessing.
My father is my own personal hero :)
He fought in WWII, and was shot twice and has many medals. He always spoiled my older sister and I growing up.
I came close to dying when I was 3 yrs old (I almost suffocated and needed a tracheotomy in the middle of the night). Then when I was 49 I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) and primary sclerosing carcinoma (PSC-a fatal liver disease if no liver transplant).
I recovered from all of these and everyone always said god has me here for a reason. I now believe it is so I can help in the care of my father…and I'm so grateful to be able to do it.
I know the day will come when he will leave me but I will cherish every moment I had him here on this earth with me. And I thank god that I had the privilege to have him this long. Not everyone my age (56) still has both parents still alive…..I am one lucky lady.
I want to bring awareness to so many illnesses and causes….Alzheimer's/Dementia is one at the top of the list.
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