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ING recognizes teachers for their innovative methods

Posted on January 16 2013

It’s no small task to pursue a teaching career, pledging to devote yourself to the education of others. But, while some professionals may be satisfied sticking to district-specified rubrics, some stand-out figures have opted for more creative and innovative methods to inspire a love of learning in their students.To recognize these fearless faculty members, the ING financial group offers an “Unsung Heroes” grant for 100 teachers across the country who have taken their dedication to education outside of the classroom. Joseph Bartin, who teaches physics and astronomy at Kirkwood High School in Missouri, was named a finalist thanks to a program he devised called “Keep your Eyes on the Skies.”As a part of this program, Bartin reportedly holds a number of events to expose students of all ages to the wonders of astrology – which isn’t an especially popular subject for the average high school students. During these “star parties,” younger children are taught how to operate telescopes so they can take a peek at the stars above them.Another featured faculty member in nearby Kansas City, Missouri, is Stephanie Hill. Hill works at the Center of Differentiated Education and runs a program called “Community Caretakers” that encourages students to take an active role in their neighborhoods. It falls to the students, the ING website explains, to identify specific needs in their community and devise a plan to address them – one they will have to put in all the leg work to accomplish.There are countless teachers in the country who go above and beyond their duties for the sake of bettering the lives of their students, and instilling values that will ultimately benefit their communities for generations to come.
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