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I'm stronger than I'm diseas5

Posted on April 11 2017

I'm stronger than I'm diseas5
Just over a year and a half ago I was sent to the er by my Dr for unexplained pain.. after several hours of testing it was confirmed I had a hypo thyriod... and just two weeks later is was confirmed that I infact had graves disease and just a normal thyroid condition. Four short months later I had my thyroid removed for various reasons. And now I survive without one.
Each day I push myself to be the strongest mom I can be bc I have a now active 2 yr old who needs his momma! I ignore the pain that radiate from my whole body for no reason. I ignore the fact that sometimes my hands and fingers temmor for no reason. I ignore the muscle weakness and pain. I ignore the brain fog that causes me to forget the simplest things. I ignore the tiredness. I ignore the mood swings. I ignore the fact that sometimes I dnt think before I speak. I ignore the stomach aches I wake up with every morning. I ignore so much of my body so that I can be a good mom and wife.
I have days where I can't ignore these things and I need to give in and let my body win the battle. But on those days I try even harder to find a way to make it through and be there for my son.
My son is the reason I dnt ever give in to my graves disease. He is my inspiration my encouragement my cheerleader. My husband is my back bone my shoulder to lean on the one that deals with it all... my disease does not define me it's simplest a part of my life now.
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