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I'm hanging in there

Posted on May 25 2015

I have a few medical problems and I've had anxiety attacks for many years now as well, which subsided greatly, but then kicked back up into high gear, I guess for many different life changes I've had to deal with. In 2008 I was diagnosed with anxiety & stress related depression, which I am being treated for, but since my mom passed it's gotten pretty bad & now my brother left us so quickly that I feel like my whole world is gone away. I have my days, I was never much of a "going out" type of person in my older years, but give me some great tv & I'm a happy camper...basically being a loner type, may not be the ideal type of person for these illnesses, but I feel ok when I'm alone...not lonely, but alone. There was a saying under one of the causes here, it was under suicide prevention because it also mentioned depression & I completely agree with it. If you have the time, read it, its perfect & it's me. I'm not broken but I am sensitive, were just a few of the words. I have my ups & downs & it's going to be alright. God bless all of you who suffer from anxiety or depression or both.
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