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I'm alive today by the grace of god

Posted on April 19 2014

I'm alive today by the grace of god
I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at age 32. I found out i had cancer when I went in for a routine procedure on removing what we thought was cysts, I had been dealing with the pain for 2 years before the Dr. finally said he'd do the surgery. I went in July 2012. I was happy that I was going to finally be done dealing with the pain and ready to live a normal life again. When I woke up the next day after surgery I was determined to have a fast recovery and go on with life, When My Dr came in to say what had happened during the procedure I was ready to hear there were no problems and he removed everything and it'll be easy sailing from there. When I realized he wasn't saying that the wave of emotions that went through my body are unexplainable and unforgettable. It was another month before I went to see the Dr's at Loma Linda University. My Dr there didn't waste anytime getting me scheduled for surgery. In September 2012 I had a partial hysterectomy, I now only have my right ovary. I was informed that I wouldn't have to do chemo or radiation. I am one of the rare case's you hear about that was diagnosed at the begining stages, normally a woman is age 55+ and in stage 3 or 4 when diagnosed. I am Happy to say it's now almost 2 years that i've been cancer free and am living a normal life and blessed that I can still watch my kids grow up. I thank the Lord everyday I open my eyes and get to watch my kids grow
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