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I'm a miracle!

Posted on December 05 2014

Jan. 22, 2005, just 3 weeks after my husband, and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We were watching a movie in bed, and I suddenly got a terrible pain in my head, all I could do was tap my husband on the shoulder, and said "my head"!was losing consciousness, he called 911, got to the hospital, and they were asking me all these silly questions, did I know where I was, I replied " the hospital, duh"! lol, I remember the spinal tap, and the doctor explaining there being pink in the fluid which meant blood was in there, and so the CT scans began... now, we get the report, I had a ruptured brain aneurysm! All I knew about them is people die from them, so I asked my husband if I was going to die!?? HE said NO!! I had surgery to clip it, that's where my journey began
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