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Posted on February 18 2015

I was diagnosed at 28yrs old at an eye appointment to check my prescription for my glasses. I was getting more headaches, migraines, a weird squeezing feeling on my brain making my eyes feel as thry would pop out of my head. After 40 minutes of looking into my eyes I was told she was sending me for an MRI to rule out a brain tumor because my optic nerves were extremely swollen. The MRI did rule out a brain tumor which meant I did have Intracranial Hypertension. Meaning my head can no longer absorb the cerebral spinal fluid that goes up into my head. It causes immense pain. After two years of biweekly spinal taps I had my 1st shunt placed in my spine. Over the next 4 years I had 21 shunts placed in my brain due to shunt failure. Resulting in my neurosurgeon placing me on disability. 15 years later research isn't much further. I now have minor brain damage from all the surgeries and high pressure in my skull. Weather effects me way too much yet I try to live my life to the best of my ability. Having a positive outlook on life helps me to be brave and get through anything! I strongly believe in the saying Live, Love & Laugh!


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