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I was the one who got away!

Posted on April 14 2014

I thought that by getting out of a verbally abusive relationship, that the torment would end. That was not the case in my situation. By getting out of the relationship it only got worse. He stalked, intimidated, and harassed me on a regular basis. The fact that we had a son together made it even worse. The police didn't care how long he kept our son as long as he told them when he was bringing him back home. This was after he threatened to kill me, and we were in mediation through juvenile court trying to determine visitation. The day before we were to sign the visitation papers, he attacked me in my driveway. A witness told the police that he was trying to slit my throat. I purposely dropped to the ground,so that he couldn't catch me. I had stab wounds on my back and hands. The knife broke, so he kept stabbing me in the head with what knife was left. He started to beat my head into the concrete while yelling for me to die. My neighbor came across the street and yelled at him, and he ran away. The police found him at his mother's house the next day. She knew they were looking for him, but she never told. The detective went by to talk to her, and he was there. I receive about 13 stitches in my head. 

He was only sentenced to 4 years in jail. He plead guilty to lesser charges.They didn't charge him with attempted murder. I was upset about that. Two months before he got out of jail I went to family court and receive a civil protection order which was good for 5 years. Of course after he got out he went to juvenile court to file for custody. The magistrate disrespected me as a victim from day one. She tried to modify my civil protection order which was not in her jurisdiction. I had to obtain an attorney that took money away from my household to even get minimal respect. This was a magistrate that let a teenage accused rapist of another teenager out of jail with an ankle bracelet. He went to her house and shot her in the face with a shotgun. Thank God she survived, but this same magistrate said she wouldn't have changed her ruling. I knew then who I was really dealing with. A woman with a daughter who didn't care about victims who are women. I went through a depression because I felt victimized all over again. I became the custodial parent while his mother had to pick up our son for visitation because of my civil protection order. My son was not included in the protecton order because of the mediation that took place years before. My son was under Juvenile Courts jurisdiction. 

I pulled myself out of my depression, and swore that this ordeal would not defeat me. I received my associate of arts degree right before the decision in 2007. In 2012, I incorporated Measured Speech in the state of Ohio to help victims of violent crime and their families. Regardless of the outcome, you have to leave and push through a domestic violence situation. NO ONE should have to suffer and be treated like they are less than nothing. I have made it the main goal in my life to bring awareness to any violent crime being committed. 


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