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Posted on July 02 2014

Have you ever been kissed by an elephant? In May 2014, on a trip to Zimbabwe, we visited the Victoria Falls Wildlife Fund. This organization helps to save the orphans left behind when their mothers are killed by poachers for their ivory tusks.

VFWF raises the babies by introducing them to other, now grown, elephants that form sort of a step-family community for elephants.

The experience of being with elephants was amazing - They are gentle, soft, inquisitive, loving, caring creatures. When "Janet" met me, she tried to give my arm an 'elephant hug' - you see, when elephants greet each other they hug by winding their trunks around each others trunk - my arm was as close to a trunk as Janet could find. I must say, it was the strongest, most loving hug I've ever had.

There were other elephants there like Jake and Jock - both were very inquisitive and my pants were filled with elephant kisses.

We were able to feed them, pet them, and if you've never been kissed by an elephant I highly recommend it. There is nothing like it in the world.

Sadly, every 15 minutes an elephant dies, is killed.... There are only roughly 25,000 left in the whole world - in no time at all they will be extinct - so please -- HELP us - HELP them - by buying one of our Bravelets in support of the Victoria Falls Wildlife Fund.
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