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I Keep Trying!

Posted on February 23 2016

I have someone helping me to share my story, so please take a moment to read.
{Please forgive me if this is not a topic you like to read about}

This particular day was very recent, my caregiver and I had been out 'window shopping' and since I am very fond of guns we ended up at Cabela's. The wonderful sales rep, Charles was so patient with me and was taking so many guns out of the case to look at and would listen to my every word, and try to guess the appropriate words/questions. Charles was wonderful and even though we were there a while he was very patient and never once looked at me like I was from outer space. I kept trying to get out the words and Charles kept trying to understand and TRIED to answer all my questions.
I felt brave and empowered and like someone had listened. That does not usually happen in one of my outings. ={
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