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I have MS...MS doesn't have me

Posted on October 19 2014

I have MS...MS doesn't have me
I was diagnosed a little over three years ago with MS. I guess there were signs for years but I didn't think any thing of it just thought I was a little tired then one day I woke up with no energy a couple hours later I couldn't use my left my left side at all. A friend took me to the hospital where they did a TIA work up that's when they found lesions on my brain and began other tests. End result was MS. My kids took this very hard understandably. They pictured their mom in a wheel chair. But I wasn't even angry or ask why me. I remained positive and was determined this would not take over my life. Have things changed YES! There are days that are very hard. I do not have the strength I once had and I tire easy among other things but I accept this and this is just a part of who I am. I still have an amazing life and the most wonderful two kids a mom could ask for! This is just a part of my journey. My mission is to raise awareness about MS and domestic violence.
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