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I fight for my husband

Posted on January 27 2016

I fight for my husband
On December 24th, 2010 my life changed forever. That is the day my husband became "sick". I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years and I had no idea what was wrong, but he did. He knew he had MS. I kept telling him he was wrong but somehow he knew. He knew before he ever saw the neurologist, before the MRI results came back in February. The worst part is by the time he was diagnosed he had a brain full of lesions.

See most people these days are usually lucky enough to get diagnosed early and if they get on medication soon enough they can still lead a fairly functional life. My husband was diagnosed about 10 years too late. He was 35 years old. Most people with MS are diagnosed in their early 20's. About a year and a half after he was diagnosed he had to quit working. We went from me working part-time to take care of out twins and him working full time to him not working at all and me working full time. The loss of income was devastating but what worse was the blow to his ego and his pride. We lost our home and had to file bankruptcy.

Six years later we have all adjusted to the role changes but it still sucks. He is a stay-at-home parent to out two 8 year old girls. His physical condition continues to deteriorate despite the medication that seems to be holding new lesions at bay. But the medications suck. The first injections we tried made him sicker and sicker. What he is on now can eventually kill him. What kind of choice is that?

So I fight to raise money. Money for better medication, money for resources to help families like mine that struggle to make sense of it all and get by when it all falls apart. Money for great books like the one's I have read to my girls to try and help young mind make sense of big issues that they don't understand, like why is daddy sick and why can't he do the things he used to. Money so one day if my kids get sick, the MS world will be a much better place than it is now.
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