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How GA has changed me on the outside and inside

Posted on July 23 2014

How GA has changed me on the outside and inside

I remember looking down at my left foot one day, back in 2002, and seeing a small little red spot. Kind of like a mosquito bite. But that little red spot would eventually cover the top of my entire left foot. In subsequent years, I developed more spots on my ankles, shins, thighs, stomach, elbows, and hands. I was desperate to try any treatment or procedure to eliminate these spots. But they just kept coming.

I also live with Type 1 Diabetes and Grave's Disease (diagnosed about 6 months before the GA started). I have realized over the past 12 years that I first have to grieve for the person that I once was. Always wearing shorts, skirts, bathing suits....without thinking twice. Now, I have to decide when I go somewhere and wear shorts whether or not I feel like dealing with the embarrassment that has become a part of this disease.

Over the years, there has been progress and some spots have disappeared, mainly the ones that have undergone steroid injections. But as some spots would fade, others would surface at the injection sites. I just couldn't win!

So I decided to stop trying to compete. I have gained the courage, somehow, to live my life and wear what I want to. It's not easy. My friends and family will always love me no matter what my appearance is, and if there are those that can't get past it....well, I have to realize that they may not be the type of people I want in my life. As for the others that stare, I probably won't see them again anyway. Life is just to short to worry about those type of people.

I started this Brave Page because there isn't enough exposure out there about this disease. People need to understand that it's not contagious, not cancerous. It's just a different kind of skin that we live in!

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