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Hospice House for the Homeless

Posted on March 02 2017

Hospice House for the Homeless
One to three homeless men and women die each week on the streets of Sacramento, CA, from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions. They are dying alone, in pain and scared. The same thing is happening in cities all over the country. There are only five hospice houses for the homeless in the United States. We want to create a hospice house for the terminally ill homeless, Joshua's House, and we want it to become a model for other cities. We want the residents of Joshua's House to be able to keep their pets with them and to have opportunities to participate in art, music and writing therapy and reconnect with family members if they desire, but we need your help to make it all possible! Please join us to inspire the poorest of the poor to be brave and to provide a safe, comfortable and compassionate place for the terminally ill homeless to spend their final days.
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