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Horse rescue changed my life

Posted on March 20 2015

Horse rescue changed my life
This is my Haflinger mare, Tiger Lilly. I adopted her from a horse rescue in MD where I worked as a volunteer coordinator, and was fortunate enough to learn first hand the process that goes into pulling and rescuing horses bound for slaughter. It has become my passion to volunteer with organizations that save slaughter bound horses. While you see the absolute worst of human nature, you also see the absolute BEST. The giving, the care, the selflessness that goes into saving these amazing animals is a truly humbling and moving experience.
I was invited to an ASPCA event in DC to speak about slaughter and horse rescue. I found that my two passions of holistic therapy and horse rescue could be turned into both equine yoga and equine massage. I've created a bracelet to support the ASPCA as they've just now started working more closely with horse rescue.
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