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Horse Happy Hour

Posted on July 21 2016

Horse Happy Hour
Homelessness is a huge problem in our city, like so many cities in the whole world. So many of our homeless are Veterans, it's shocking. In our city, they get trespassed and go to jail for sleeping behind a building. We at HorseSisters are trying to do our part to assist in this tragedy. We place ads for caregivers. Nine applicants applied and seven of them are homeless. We wished we had an apartment on our ranch to help these lost people. Two of them are women.
Our last caregivers stayed at the ranch for eight months to feed, fence, mow, weed and greet our visitors. Prior to living at the Common Sense Ranch, they lived in their car for seven long months. We were able to help them not only with a safe, comfortable place to live but a quick connection to our local health clinic for treatment and medications. Once their medical issues were treated, this gave them a chance to search for jobs, and work on the side doing odd jobs for the neighbors in exchange for food. They both have bipolar disease. The horses gave them solace, peacefulness and a purpose. Everyone needs to feel needed. Wanted. And this is what we strive to do. Our humans help horses so horses help humans. We pass this on to the public.
Every Thursday, rain or shine, we have an open house we call "Horse Happy Hour". This means that our horses get spoiled and pampered by our volunteers and our visitors. Since we are in Central Florida, we have a great deal of visitors on vacation. They come sunburned, in sandals and beachwear, ready to meet our twelve, who all have amazing stories, including abuse, neglect, and homeless themselves. We remind them to not forget our sweet potbelly rescue, Khloe. Folks bring apples and carrots, peppermints and horse and pig treats to spoil everyone. Brushes are handy, and if families wish helmets are available and mandatory for children under 18 as they open the door to each horse's living room and go meet their herd family. Some folks even stay to scrub water troughs and help us feed. We have such a wonderful time sharing our horses and their stories. We meet new people and enjoy their stories. 75% of our visitors return and 50% of them become members of charity organization. And our caregivers are just as happy as our visitors and our horses. I go home so filled with delight. You can't sand my smile off my face. We are truly blessed.
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