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HOPE And A Strong Faith Heals

Posted on June 01 2017

HOPE  And A Strong Faith Heals
"You have Parkinsons Disease," my doctor said. I screamed out a curse word over and over and cried bitterly. "This will cost me $20.oo." He answered,"No, go ahead and cry, I won't charge you anything." And I snuffed back tears," My grandson gave me a CUSS POT, he made for me and placed in my dressing room. And that was 9 years ago and much pain, struggling, but continuing on with life as best I could..I wrote a 500 page new book with Amazon's Publishing arm, and it has been a Best Seller. I kept doing what I could do best as best I could.
A new drug is in human drug trials and I am eagerly waiting. Just as the Hubble Space Telescope is bringing new images of outer space, and slowly the gauzy curtain is being pulled back and new planets discovered: the door is opening for us: Parkinsons patients.
I plan to write a new book. I am going to love my family and friends and see what I can do for
God, my heavenly father. Love to all of my fellow PD friends. Geri Ellzey Craig

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