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Home Field Tackles Cancer

Posted on September 24 2014

Home Field Tackles Cancer
The Home Field Tackles Cancer: A hopeful proposal.
The morning following the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics, I received news that three people in my life were being put in Hospice Care. Emotions and thoughts were colliding in my mind. While walking down the halls of the elementary school where I serve as the librarian, I recalled those opening ceremonies; thinking, “What touched me? What did I truly enjoy watching?” The answer was not the incredibly expensive special effects, not the intense costly show; it was the short vignettes about the Olympians. Next, I wondered why spend so much money for one night of hoopla! Wouldn’t that money be better utilized in Cancer Research?
President Richard Nixon signed the Cancer Act in 1971. 1971! Congress felt confident that cancer would be cured by our Bicentennial.
Next, my wandering mind pondered, “what big-time event do we Americans enjoy?” “THE SUPER BOWL!” “THE SUPER BOWL HALF-TIME SHOW”. What if? What if the National Football League centered the half-time of the Super Bowl on cancer research measures and preventive care?
This crazy idea would not leave my mind. I talked with my family and friends; recruited some dreamers like me and we formed “The Home Field Tackles Cancer”.
How inspiring it would be to see survivors instead of fireworks, moments of triumph instead of dancers, personal victories instead of costume changes.

The Home Field Tackles Cancer has sent a proposal to the National Football League as well as all of the National Football Teams.

Please join us!

Write letters, send messages, help us get a vital grass roots movement activated.National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10017

Here's the Letter I sent the NFL feel free to use it too!
Home Field Tackles Cancer
Martha Scott Ross
8909 Millwood Drive Spotsylvania Virginia
540.582.5990 540.846.7798

We applaud the National Football League’s efforts for “Crucial Catch” during Breast Cancer Awareness month. We truly enjoy seeing each team showing support for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. We congratulate the owners, coaches, players, cheerleaders, referees, and staff members whom decide to participate in this wonderfully positive event.

We now approach the National Football League with our sincerest hope the NFL will expand the support for stopping all cancers. We humbly propose a season long campaign for the National Football League, “NFL Tackles Cancer” culminating in an extravaganza of hope during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. We imagine a Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring a cancer survivor musical artist. We imagine video “vignettes” of NFL players, coaches, cheerleaders, front office staff members, and referees depicting personal battles and victories over cancer, public service announcements on screenings and preventive measures and hope.

How inspiring it would be to see survivors instead of fireworks, moments of triumph instead of dancers, personal victories instead of costume changes.

We possess energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. We compel the National Football League to join us to defeat our common crushing opponent: cancer. We are confident countless members of the National Football League share our helplessness against this unrelenting plague. We recognize how beloved the NFL and its members are to Americans and fans worldwide. We recognize the power and influence the National Football League carries. All of our parents, spouses, sons and daughters would benefit from the cancer screenings, cancer awareness, and cancer research the “NFL Tackles Cancer” campaign would generate. We are educators, nurses, family members and caregivers.
In the “NFL Tackles Cancer” Campaign we visualize:
• Multi-colored Cancer Stickers on the players’ helmets
• Multi-colored stitches on the players towels
• A multi-colored arm band sewn on jerseys
• Stadium Banners depicting the Multi-Colors of Cancer Awareness joined with the team’s colors
In the “NFL Tackles Cancer” Campaign funds could be raised by offering:
• Team Colored Bracelets featuring a Montage all of the “Cancer Ribbon Colors”
• Team Jerseys, Caps, T-Shirts marked with “The NFL Tackles Cancer” Motif
• A Variety of NFL collectibles
*With twenty-five percent of the funds raised put back into the NFL and seventy-five percent donated to fighting cancer.
Our plan is to contact as many members of the National Football League, the media, and active sponsors as possible in our grassroots movement in hopes others as frustrated with this devastating disease and as passionate about seeking a cure as we are unite with us to reach this goal: cancer is defeated. We look forward to hearing from you.
Respectfully submitted,
The Home Field Tackles Cancer
Martha Scott Ross
Greenever4@aol.com 540.582.5990 540.846.7798
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