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Help Raise fund for a medical Alert Service dog For Emily

Posted on February 18 2016

Help Raise fund for a medical Alert Service dog For Emily
We are currently looking into funding a tattle tails alert dog for my Type 1 diabetic daughter Emily she is 13 years old she has had a rough road since diagnosis , Emily has had to have two surgeries within 3 years since being hospitalized in Dka in 2013 for type 1 diabetes -I'm an advocate for type one diabetics in the us and abroad . My areas of interest include diabetic research and development. Background info on my research posts..and my interest in becoming a Diabetes Advocate . I am not Dr.. or a scientist-researcher.. however I do follow it closely.. Here is my reason..When my daughter Emily was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 2/6/13 .It was the worst day of our lives . I Didn't understand the complexity of this life long Disease that is 24 hrs /7 days a week ,from that day forward my heart has been filled with heartache. Every shot, every finger prick I FELT it ,not on my fingers where she tests her blood sugar or legs where her insulin gets injected 6-8x's a Day.. I felt it in my Chest the pain of seeing someone you Love hurting is horrible. I have to hurt her Daily in order for her to survive. I read every medical journal I could ,I researched for hours sometimes days running on little to no sleep. I dedicated my life from that point forward on learning everything I could about Type 1 Diabetes and how to I could "help Fix" my Baby. My daughter saw this and although it literally , "sometimes "consumed me.. My daughter didn't complain, instead of looking up recipes, pinning crafts,ect my Day was filled with stem cell research, islet transplants, & studies on regenerative medicine. We are almost at the 3 yr mark since her diagnosis.Several months ago she sat next to me, while I was on my laptop and It wasn't a scientific journal... or paper I was studying... it was something silly on youtube or facebook.. I forget which one. When she realized that I wasn't doing my "homework" She looked up and said "Mom your Not Giving Up on Me Are you?" What was left of my already broken heart shattered even more. I held back my tears and replied "No I would never give up on you". I'm happy things are changing and there are many doctors that are not giving up .I run a Facebook Page called Type 1 Diabetes helping Hands I help connect people in need of over the counter medical supplies that are left without . The diabetic alert dog will serve two purposes it will help alert me to possible low or high blood sugars and serve as a companion to my daughter who sometimes can feel as if shes is in a lonely atmosphere . Diabetes takes a toll on your body and mind dogs are more than pets they are companions they can help literally save your life as a Type 1 by alerting to both highs and lows you eliminate the hypo low blood glucose which could result in death and hyperglycemia high blood glucose which can have long term side effects on vital organs including the kidneys eyes heart ect. Please help me help her NO dontaion is to small


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