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Help Momma Breath

Posted on October 13 2015

Help Momma Breath
My grandmother was taken from us several years ago due to IPF. At that point in time, this disease was very new to our family, and we hadn't yet learned much about what this disease does, and how quickly it can take over. Some people can live with this disease for years, for others, the disease completely takes over their body in a short amount of time. On July 14th 2015,I lost one of the closest people to my heart, My Auntie Lynn, to IPF. It is most definitely the hardest thing that my family and I have ever gone through. I want to start raising money for more research on treatments and a cure for this disease, not only because my mom has been diagnosed as well, but because the lack of information on this disease is terrifying for a family, and the more research that can be done to make people more aware is the only thing we can do to help families better cope with this disease.
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