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Heart Transplant

Posted on June 29 2014

2009 i had a 6 bypass surgery for the heart i delt with congesstive heart failure and icd which is a defib and a few stents but i never really felt right. in 2013 things started to get a lil worse my heart only pumped at 8 percent so i had to have meds 24/ 7 threw a pickline in and out of the hospital all the time they finally kept me and took me to westchester medical in valhala NY they ran tests and figured i was 36 with a full life ahead of me so on april 17th 2014 i was added to the transplant list and lucky for me i had my new heart placed may 26th 2014 i am truely grateful for the man or women for being a organ donor this whole thing changed my way of thinking i have now signed and registered in the state of NY as a organ donor now its my turn to give to someone who gave me life again, i owe him everything and one day when im old and cant go on anymore i will be able to say thank you. i feel better then i have in the last 10 yrs or so i am a month old sorta speak so i still have rehab but thats he easy part.
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