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Healing Families, Changing Lives!

Posted on June 08 2015

Healing Families, Changing Lives!
Located in a renovated single family home on Highland Drive in Medina Ohio, the Children’s Center of Medina County (CCMC) began in 2005 and became operational in 2007.

Even though there are several CACs in Northeast Ohio, the CCMC is currently the only child advocacy center (CAC) in Medina County. About 100 children throughout Medina County come to the Center each year. These children who have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, or extreme neglect tell their story of abuse to specially trained members of the multidisciplinary team in a child friendly environment. This team helps the child and non-offending family members cope with the abuse and begin the recovery process sooner and experience more successful treatment outcomes.

Since 2007, the CCMC has provided this coordinated approach with more than 500 children here in Medina County and with the support from our donors and team; we will continue helping the community. Out of the 1,700 calls received by the abuse hotline, there were 437 reported and investigated cases in Medina County for 2014.

The Children's Center is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization relying on donations and grants to provide essential service to our children and families in Medina County. The CCMC is also an Accredited Member of the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) children’s advocacy centers. Accreditation assures the community and our partners that we are meeting national standards for delivery of care and services.
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