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He had such an impact on my life!

Posted on May 24 2016

He had such an impact on my life!
Ryan and his Big Brother Bill were matched for eight years. They did a lot of fun things together, like going to the movies- (they saw Spider-Man three times, and Harry Potter twice)- going to a water park, and doing sports like fishing, golfing, bowling, and laser tag. When Ryan was 13, he was asked what he liked best about his Big Brother. Ryan replied, "I look forward to the time that I spend with Bill...and he's all mine!"

At 18 years old, Ryan was asked how his Big Brother had impacted his life. He replied, "He was a father figure to me when I needed one. He gave me the opportunity to experience new things. He came to all my sporting events, eighth grade graduation, high school play & musical performances, and high school graduation. I can not imagine him not being around in my life... and the one thing that will stick with me for the rest of my life that he said (to me) was, 'now I just have to live long enough to see your college graduation and wedding.' "

Ryan is 19 years old today, and about to complete his freshman year at college. One of his goals is to one day become a Big Brother, " so I can give the impact to others that he gave me."
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