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Happy Birthday... you have cancer

Posted on February 09 2017

I hate going to the doctor and did anything I could to avoid it. In April of 2016 I had lifted a heavy box and had pulled muscles in my back. Since I hated going to the doctor, I just kept putting off getting my back checked until in May I just could not stand the pain any more. I finally broke down and went to see him; and he gave me an over the counter pain pill, which did nothing. So I decided to try out a chiropractor who manipulated my back, spine and so on. The pain was getting worse so I went to see my doctors partner and that is where we learned that my kidneys were only functioning at 10% and my calcium level was out the roof, he sent me to the hospital where after many tests I was told on July 8th, 2016, my 50th birthday, that I had stage IV cancer with mets to the bones in my back. Due to seeing the chiropractor and the loss of calcium in my bones in my back (the cancer had went to 2 lymph nodes and into the bones of my back) I had a ton of fractures, so much so that they had thought I had been in a car wreck!

So as of now I am not able to work because of the pain in my back and the fatigue. It is important to me to stay positive and strong. I have a good sense of humor and try to maintain that during my treatment. It is not easy to have a positive outlook 100% of the time but I try every day to live my life as normally as I can, well what is normal for me.

I hope to go back to work by June and to be more and more like the me before cancer. The good news is that my tumor, which started out as 6cm has gone down to 4 cm. I take oral chemo every day and it seems to be doing its job.

I love what Bravelet stands for, the jewelry that represents me and a great way to explain to people about breast cancer when they ask about my beautiful Bravelet bracelet or necklace.

And that is my story or at least a quick synopsis of it....

Kristi Gardner
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