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Guillain Barre

Posted on December 07 2014

Guillain Barre
November 2013 I had an itch on my back and when asking my husband to scratch it,I found I couldn't feel it,so by pinching chest,stomach,arms,legs,feet,found I couldn't feel anything lower than my chest,also when walking my legs kept buckling,so much that I couldn't walk unaided.making an appointment with my Neurologist,who got me in to local hospital straight away have a spinal tap and a four hour MRI.confirmed Guillain Barre,next I was confined to bed,having losing control of walking,then came loss of bowels control, I was giving IV IGG infusion 24 hours a day for seven days. They tried physical therapy which didn't improve my condition at all,instead of going to rehab I insisted on going home ( which now I know was a mistake,I wasn't thinking of my self I was thinking how hard it would be for my family) Over then next few months I had to get used to living like an total invalid,couldn't even dress my self,I had 5 days a week IV IGG infusions that lasted a week For four hours day, then I would have 6 weeks rest then start again, did this for 20 weeks, its now one year later and I still have numbness in my first three fingers on each hand,backs of legs,and my bottom,I've had PT, & OT consistently over the passed year,ENG test prove that I still have Myelin stripped from the nerves that why I can't feel much,I'm pretty sure I'm going to be left like this. I now have to go see a Neuro-surgeon to see why my left leg still bucking. It seem like it is never ending,not to be able to stand up for more than 5-10 mins.Thank God I have an awesome family support,so many people find that there family walks away from illness.
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