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GO TEAM BONNIE against sarcomas

Posted on December 16 2014

I was diagnosed in Sept.of this year(2014), with a sarcoma of my lower thoracic and upper lumbar regions. I underwent 25 proton radiation treatments while working fulltime. I was tired,but tolerated them quite well. The scans post radiation showed cell death within the tumor, so everyone was pleased with that. I underwent a radical dissection of the tumor and despite it being a huge surgery,my focus was to go home and get life going again. I faired quite well from the surgery done just 4 weeks ago (done mid Nov). My goal is to return to work as a nurse the weekend after Christmas. I'm pretty determined so I believe I'll make that date a reality. I had excessive fluid collection and wear a abdominal binder to help absorb it. I was told due to nature and size of the tumor I have an 80% chance of reoccurance, but its one day at a time in my book, and I'm not going to allow myself to go crazy with worry until my next scans in Feb.2015. Absolutely, I will take all the prayers and thoughts as I wholeheartedly believe they have gotten me this far in things. My good friend, Margie started my page, TEAM BONNIE, to help defray medical bills and I just love her for this. I currently own 2 bravelet items that were given to me as gifts and I wear them PROUDLY EVERYDAY. I'm in this fight for my life and I'm giving it everything I got. Sarcomas are rare,NASTY tumors, but like I said I'm in the fight and I'm keeping the faith, hope and prayer against this beast. GO TEAM BONNIE!!!!! _ Bonnie


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