Garrett Matthew Leavy 10/20/87-5/6/08 – Bravelets

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Garrett Matthew Leavy 10/20/87-5/6/08

Posted on November 15 2013

Garrett Matthew Leavy 10/20/87-5/6/08
My son, Garrett committed suicide on May 6, 2008. He was just 21 years old. Bipolar Disorder and Depression runs in our family. He was getting help from age 13-18, but at 18 years old, he stopped. Despite my objections, he was an adult and there was nothing I could do. Once I saw he was in deep trouble, I convinced him to get help. He told me he was taking his medicine, but the autopsy showed he was not. The night of his suicide, the girl of his dreams said very cruel things to him and broke it off. He was beside himself. 

I had no idea this had happened. I was awakened by my daughter, who found him hanged in the garage. Things will never be the same. I will wear my bravelets so I can remember to be brave and keep going with my life and to not follow him. I also will wear them to let others know it can be prevented.
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