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Posted on June 11 2014

13 years ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. My Thyroid was removed twice thanks to false testing information. My cancer was removed and I believed I was cancer free. About a year and a half ago my thyorid levels started to flucuate dramatically. My doctor continuously changed my medicine but never looked any deeper. In June I decided it was time to see new doctor who immediately noticed swelling in my throat and sent me for an ultrasound and blood work. Turns out I had 2 large masses in my throat. This is known as "regrowth" is what I was told. 13 years ago, I really didn't understand the meaning of life and how precious each day was. I kind of took it for granted that everything was fine and I would live forever. I'm now 45 years old and I clearly understand the value of life now. I took it very seriously this time!
After weeks and weeks of every test imaginable, finally it was clear--surgery was the only option. July 29, 2013 I had the masses and a couple lymph nodes removed. Upon waking up from surgery, Donna was informed by her surgeon he saw a tumor on her brain during his review of her CT Scan.
Now a new set of test, new set of Doctors, new treatments plan ahead. After I was feeling better from the surgery, I had more test and saw more doctors. I learned, after seeing my Neurosurgeon and discussing all the results, that I was now facing brain surgery. The surgery took place in February 2014. Doctors removed as much of tumor as possible without jeopardizing the optic nerve and carotid artery. So now it's June and after an updated MRI and Doctor's visit, looks like Radiation is now in my future. Seems there is too much tumor remaining to ignore. It could cause blindness in my right eye or worse it could destroy the artery cutting of blood supply to the rest of my body.
Seems like it's blow after blow this past year. One could say it's nothing but bad news. I choose to see it differently...
I see one more step in my Journey to beating the odds and winning over this illness. Each visit did indeed yield more concerns, more treatments, more challenges; however they also showed me how strong I am. How I faced it with belief in myself and my family. How I won battles along the way. I learned how great my husband and my family are. How they are always there for me and never fail to show their love. I learned how wonderful people (even people I hardly know) can be in your time of need. I learned to stop and smell the roses EVERYDAY. How to start each day with a positive thought. How to make memories that last when times are tough.
Life is not easy and should never be taken for granted. Maybe I missed this lesson before I got sick. Maybe that is why I have to face these challenges now. I made a promise to myself to learn from this and be the best wife, sister, daughter, co-worker, friend and human I can. The world truly is a wonderful place....enjoy it!!

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